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Perfect Running Weather
This morning’s pinch

Anyone else have an herb garden? My basil is so hard to keep up with, but the cilantro simply won’t grow any higher than 1/2 and inch!

We Took a Ride to Rockaway Beach

We Took a Ride to Rockaway Beach

Rockaway Beach

Check these off the list for yesterday:

  • Take the A train to Rockaway beach and lay in the sand
  • Watch world cup final at a local beachy bar with a bunch of screaming fans
  • Run into an old friend and learn they have a local houseboat… visit said houseboat
  • Dance the night away to my brother’s band back at the beachy bar.
  • Get tan.

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Lonely Island

I am shocked at the number of photographs I have stored away that have never seen the light of day (this one is from summer 2011).

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Soccer with a View

Leftovers from my time at the sexy circus.
Provocative Doodle Snapshot

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Basil Infiltrator

I definitely over watered a little. Woops!

Red Desk



Found on my desk.

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Hashtag Simple Pleasure

About a month ago I rediscovered toast. Plain ol’ buttered wheat toast. Is this a sign of aging?

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Take Back Time

Time to stop spending so much time on Facebook. Every moment I absent mindedly reach to scroll through it, I have to do something else: draw, write, take a photo, etc
Desktop Pachyderm

I’d Back That! Highbrow Cold Brew Coffee

I’d Back That! Highbrow Cold Brew Coffee

A woman after my heart… she roasts her own coffee! I want to put it in my mouth hole…

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Mobile from Down Under