The Last Few


Day Off

Tip the Salt

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Glitter without its color.

So delicious. So healthy. So blue.

They Come and They Go

They Come and They Go

The way our business works, performers come and they go, and we move forward. But we all agree watching our puppeteers walk away was particularly difficult.

PuppetsSM PuppetSM

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Tablet’s Eye View in the Cawfee Shawp

It’s always surprising to me how fast the time goes and how much work I can get done when I’m sitting in the coffee shop.
Right Side Down

Another “work” moment…
Filling the House

People are really starting to figure out La Soirée is here. Our houses keep getting bigger and bigger…

Life Resumes…

Life Resumes…

I’m back I’m back I’m back!!  It’s been far too long.  You have NO idea how excited I am to get my life in order after all this madness.  I’m moved into a new place (I’m in Williamsburg now! Brooklyn that is), finally got my internet installed yesterday and voila, things should slowly get back to normal.

Of course, as luck would have it, it’s the weekend so I actually have to dash off for a full…

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No Idling

It’s a photo. I was too early. I was not ready to start over on this day.  So just enjoy the photo.

Our Day on Governor’s Island

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The Greatest Time of YearSeriously, is there any better time? Let’s wear layers!!
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Tardis Take Me AwayI was having one of those of days, so I binged on Dr. Who. Is it any wonder why he’s an excellent…View Post

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Etsy Wednesday
I am ALWAYS wishing for fall, so in my mind it’s never too early to do a little scarf shopping.…View Post
My Desk: The Truth #2Last weeks public display of messiness was so effective in helping me keep it clean for a day or…View Post